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Can you whitelist my Dedicated Datacenter IPs?

If you are using HTTP proxies directly (without proxy VM), you can whitelist your IPs yourself. Just log in to the page here and on the sidebar at the bottom you will see a section named "Add Whitelist". After clicking on the link, you will be navigated to the self-whitelist page which looks like this:


Here you just need to enter or delete all of your IP addresses one by one and click the Upload to server button. You can also whitelist subnets up to /24 by yourself. For whitelisting a larger subnet please contact your account manager. 

Please keep in mind that it takes up to five minutes for a whitelisted IP to be enabled.

If you are using a rotator machine you cannot whitelist your IP addresses by yourself. Instead, you would need to give us a list of IP addresses you will use to connect to your proxies. We will then add them to the firewall exception (whitelist them), so you can then access your proxies directly without your login credentials.


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